Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why You NEED Clear Mascara

One product that's quickly made it's way to my list of must-haves is clear mascara. I'd been feeling nostalgic, and wondering out loud to myself about where the old Bonne Bell "Lash Glosses" had gone.(The "Gloss" was none other than clear, slightly tinted mascara.) I turned the corner at Target, and there, among the other ELF products sat a double ended tube of clear mascara! (It does say that one is a brow gel, but the product in each end, as well as the brush/wand are the same!) I just couldn't pass it up for a dollar!
Sorry for the blurriness! My camera was not cooperating!
Before I get into my favorite uses for clear mascara, I'll do a mini-review of the ELF clear mascara/brow gel.

Price - Great for what you get.

Packaging - Great. You can see just what you've got. Also, if you're experimental with your makeup like I am, you might like having two ends to work with.

- Perfect. Not crusty, lightweight. No odd odor.

Over all, this product is amazing.  Now... what can you do with it?

I'm wearing Maybelline Color Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt with Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Hi-Ho Silver over it. Lined with an old Avon black glitter liner, then lashes tipped with Maybelline Great Lash in Totally Turquoise.
 Spike those Lashes!  
This was the selling point for the "Lash Glosses!" For quiet rebels like me, my lashes were the only part of my hair I could spike back in high school! 

To create a spiked lash look drag the brush from side to side over your lashes. They should begin to form little points together. I find that "Spiking" them works best on mascara free lashes. For added quiet punk-rockery gently tip the little spikes with a colored mascara or liquid liner! Repeat on bottom lashes!

Use it to "seal in" a finicky mascara!
We've all done it, bought a mascara, put it on, wore it around, and then realized... We're wearing it below our eyes, above our eyes, and not just on our lashes. For me this happened with my trial size of The Balm's "Body Builder" mascara from my October Glam Bag. I love how this black mascara lifts and lightly curls my lashes on it's own. I don't love how it "sheds" on me.

On a whim, I took my beloved clear mascara, and gently coated my lashes after applying the Body Builder mascara. I didn't think it would work as well I wanted it to, but it did! Now I can actually get some mileage from my sample! 

I'm wearing Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool with Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Pixie Dust over it. Lined with Ulta automatic liner in Silver, clear ELF mascara with a silver shadow pressed into the lashes.
Frankenstein your own colored mascara!
I'm a strange girl. I like my lashes to match... my liner....or my shirt....or my headband. Now, if I was still a silly little goth girl, that would be just fine for regular mascara. But I'm not. I've tipped my lashes with everything from pre-made neon green mascara, to Frankened gold mascara!

The easy road in this adventure is simple. Coat your lashes with clear mascara, dip your finger (or a small brush for firmly pressed powders) into a shadow or pigment. Spread that between your thumb and forefingers and pinch your wet lashes between your fingertips. If using a brush, I find it works best to focus on one "face" of your lashes at a time.

The long road... is long.

You'll need:
Clear mascara (I also like the ELF, because of the small size... you wont be wasting a bunch of shadow or pigment with such a small tube.)
Magazine subscription card (To use as a funnel!)
Something to aid you in the removal of the rubber ring/collar that removes the excess mascara from the wand on the way out of the tube. (A hair clip edge, or nail file point will do, but be careful not to damage the ring/collar!)

The instructions are pretty simple. Remove the collar, fold the card into a V and get some pigment out and onto the card. Shake it gently into the bottle, put collar back in, put brush in, to stir it up. Repeat if it's not the desired color. **DON'T KEEP ADDING UNTIL ITS GLOPPY... It's not easy to work with then!!!*
My Frankenstein mascaras with the products in them! (From upper left; ELF mascara with LA Splash Pink mascara, ELF with Wet and Wild Gold Digger (as a powder) as well as Nyx liquid liner in Extreme Gold, ELF and Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Penny Arcade.)
Sometimes, I've added both pigment/shadow, and liquid liner (submerge brush into the liner bottle, (rubber collar removed or not).. and then add to mascara as described above.

I've also found that the clear mascara is good for extending a slightly gloppy pink LA Splash mascara I bought. I essentially transplanted some of the pink into the clear mascara tube. It's easier to carry around and use now too, the top was a little awkward on the original packaging.

Those are my tips and tricks for clear mascara! I hope if you're reading this that you will give one or more a try! Do you have any tips or great uses for clear mascara? Leave me a comment, and let me know! I always like to try new techniques!

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